Friday, October 21, 2016

A Nightfall GIVEAWAY : :

We're ending this first week of the Nightfall Parade with a special Giveaway!

Owls & Moon Phase Bundle GIVEAWAY!

Since the theme of this week's Nightfall Parade projects was to showcase how well Nightfall lends itself to "fussy cutting" -- the careful cutting of fabrics to frame the way I have in both my Moon & Stars Floor Pillow and Midnight Observer Quilt, today I'm offering one winner here on the blog and a second winner over on my Instagram account, a chance to win a HALF YARD bundle of my Bird of Night owls and Lunation moon phase prints in both colorways!!

Owls & Moon Phase Bundle GIVEAWAY!

Enter to win! 

Here's how,

1. Simply leave a comment here under this post! I'd love to know what you'd like to make with these fabrics?! (one entry)
2. My followers get a second entry! If you follow on Bloglovin', Instagram, or on Facebook just let me know by making a separate comment here to record that entry. (optional extra entry)
3. Help spread the word!! Whether by Instagram, tweet, Facebook, pin, blog, etc... (optional extra entry

That’s 3 possible entries! Enter now through Monday, October 24th! The winner will be picked next week at random and I will announce their name at the bottom of this post, here on the blog.

* Note * This giveaway is open to EVERYONE! If you're a "no reply" or anonymous commenter, please remember to include your email address in your comment! 

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A BIG thanks to all who have visited the blog this week during the Nightfall Parade!  ♡ Maureen

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Nightfall Parade | | A Midnight Observer Quilt : :

Owl in Trees

The Nightfall Parade continues today with my Midnight Observer QAYG Quilt, featuring my Bird of Night owls in the Slate colorway, along with Nightfall prints and AGF Solid Smooth Denims!

The Nightfall Parade

I'm so excited to follow yesterday's tutorial with this quilt! It was made using the same exact method with just larger batting squares and additional fabric strips. Each block began with a fussy cut owl at the center, but this time while I added my fabric strips (logs) I was inspired by this Converging Corners quilt block pattern. I'm constructing these blocks similarly to my Mini Log Cabin QAYG blocks I shared yesterday, with a little twist! After I frame each owl with low volume prints and solids, as I work my way out into the corners of each block, I'm adding darker solid and printed fabrics to two opposing corners. This creates a really cool, interesting design once a group of four blocks are put together.

Owl Log Cabins

Looking at the quilt as a whole, notice how those dark corners seem to form a scrappy four-pointed star. To me it appears to sparkle, such a perfect reflection of the Nightfall theme!

Owl QAYG Quilt

Using the owls in this way was so much fun for me! I had a very limited amount of strike offs when I began this quilt for Quilt Market, but as my army of owl blocks grew it was so satisfying to see how such little fabrics could stretch into a quilt that I really love!

Owl QAYG Quilt 2

Owl QAYG Quilt 3

Once my quilt blocks were finished and joined, because of the beauty of quick quilt as you go, all that was left to do was back & bind with minimal quilting!

Nighftall QAYG Owl Quilt

From the reverse Prisma Element side of my quilt you can see how I attached the backing by simply stitching my way down from the top of the quilt to the bottom, as well as from side to side, sewing about 1/4" from both sides of each of the seam lines. It works perfectly!

Owl Quilt Backing

I chose to bind the quilt in a yummy stripe from Pat Bravos' Essentials II collection. I love how the yellow of the stripe brings attention to the golden butterflies of Nightfall!

Bound in Essentials Stripe

I hope you're all enjoying the Nightfall Parade projects thus far! I think tomorrow it's time for our first Parade Giveaway, so be sure to stop back!!

♡ Maureen


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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Nightfall Parade | | A Mini QAYG Log Cabin { Tutorial } : :

The Nightfall Parade

A Mini QAYG Log Cabin Tutorial

My Mini QAYG Log Cabin tutorial is a Quilt-As-You-Go style quilt block, featuring my Nightfall fabric collection, that you can use to create a beautiful Moon & Stars Floor Pillow!

Fabric and Materials Required : :
  • a variety of four different teal & blue Nightfall prints cut into 1" strips x WOF
  • several 1.5" x WOF strips of both Luminaries in Silver & Gold 
  • Sixteen fussy cut moons { eight from Lunation Light || eight from Lunation Dark } 
  • Sixteen 6" cotton batting squares
  • fabrics for the pillow backing and binding
  • 22" pillow insert
  • rotary cutter/large cutting mat/ruler set
  • sewing pins 
* Notes*
  • Synthetic batting is NOT suggested, only use a 100% cotton batting. It is important to be able to press the batting with a hot iron and steam.
  • Use a Low or standard loft batting. The #1 question I receive about QAYG is folks wanting to know if the seams are bulky. My answer is NOPE, not to a noticeable degree I promise.
  • This style of Log Cabin quilt block can be made into any size! The measurements I'm sharing makes a large floor pillow, but feel free to adjust to any size.

Now, let's get started!! 

Log Cabin Supplies

Making the Blocks : :

1. Begin by preparing your materials. I cut leftover cotton batting scraps into sixteen 6" batting squares.

Step 1

2. Place a single fussy cut moon, alternating colors, in the center of each of the sixteen batting squares.

Step 2

3. Begin adding the fabric strips {logs}. Cut two strips from one of the dark Nightfall prints. At the sewing machine, place one strip right sides facing the moon fabric and sew a 1/4" seam along the raw edges on the matched up side. You will be sewing through the batting, permanently attaching the fabrics in place. Once attached, open the fabrics so the right side is exposed and smooth to press with your hand.

Step 3

4. Add the next two strips exactly the same way, but this time using a low volume Luminaries star print. Attach these logs continuing with a 1/4" seam, smooth & press open as you go.

Step 4

5. Work your way around the center moon, alternating the dark 1" Nightfall strips with the 1.5" Luminaries prints, adding each log, stitching, flipping, and pressing until you fill up each batting square.

Step 5

Log Cabin QAYG

Step 6

6. Once the fabrics have been added to each batting square, use a mat, ruler, and rotary cutter to trim to a 5.75" square.

Trimming Log Cabins

Use the diagram below to arrange the finished mini log cabins in the Moon & Stars pillow top design.

Moon & Stars Pillow Mock Up with spacing

Pillow Top Layout

Joining the QAYG Blocks : :

7. Begin with two blocks and place them right sides together. Use sewing pins to secure their place and sew along one side keeping a 1/4" seam allowance. Use a hot iron with steam to press the seams open as you join them.

Step 7

8. Repeat this step with the remaining blocks, sewing them together, pressing all seams open as you go.

Step 8

Press Seams Open

9. Press the pillow top front well once all the mini log cabins are joined together.

Nightfall QAYG Pillow

Finished Pillow Top

Finishing the Pillow : :

10. Prepare the backing fabrics with a double seam or bound edge to finish with an envelope style closure.

Backed in Moon Phase

11. Using your favorite quilt binding method, bind the pillow just as you would any quilt. Insert the pillow form and Viola, your pretty Moon & Stars Floor Pillow is finished!

With Tiny Stars

A Moon & Stars Floor Pillow

If you do give this tutorial a go at anytime, be sure to share on my Facebook page or on Instagram with the hashtag #NightfallFabrics & #NightfallParade -- I love seeing what you create!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!! ♡ Maureen


* You can find the list of online retailers currently carrying Nightfall under my SHOP my Fabrics page ----->

Monday, October 17, 2016

The Nightfall Parade | | A Moon & Stars Floor Pillow : :

I'm so excited today is the start of the Nightfall Parade! For the next two weeks I'll share as many projects as I can make, along with new tutorials & Giveaways all featuring my Nightfall fabric collection for Art Gallery Fabrics! I hope you feel inspired, follow along, & join in!

The Nightfall Parade

I'm kicking the parade off with a Moon & Stars floor pillow, designed to showcase both colorways of my Lunation moon phase and Luminaries star prints! This over-sized pillow is made up of sixteen teensy QAYG quilt block finished to fit a fluffy 22" down pillow insert that can be used to decorate any room, year round, but I especially love it for this time of year!

A Moon & Stars Floor Pillow

Today is all about the pretty pictures and fabric & design details, but tomorrow I'll share a tutorial for my quick quilt as you go mini log cabins along with instructions for piecing together these adorable quilt blocks to make your own pillow top!

Mini Moon Log Cabins

With Tiny Stars

These blocks can be easily adapted to make a quilt rather than the floor pillow I'm sharing today. You may remember the peek I shared here of the QAYG quilt blocks I made using this same method to feature my owls back when I was stitching up Nightfall samples for Quilt Market? Well, I plan to finally photograph the finished quilt to share during the parade for some added inspiration to go along with tomorrow's tutorial!

Nightfall & Denim

Nightfall lends itself really well to fussy cutting -- the owls, dragonflies, Moon Stories bunny print, and these phases of the moon are all designs that are perfect for careful cutting to frame the way I have here!

Fussy Cut Moon Phase

My Luminaries stars have quickly become my new favorite low volume print to use in place of a light colored solid. Combined with the moons creates a really beautiful themed pillow!

Can you see the subtle star pattern that emerges when you view this pillow as a whole?

A Moon & Stars Floor Pillow

How about in this mockup that I made for the tutorial? A bit easier to see, right? I love fun designs like this! Just a few measurement tweaks and this pattern would certainly make an amazing quilt!

Moon & Stars Pillow Mockup

To finish the pillow I used more of both Lunation colorways for the backing. I spray basted the large cuts of fabric to scrap pieces of quilt batting for an added layer of cushion, and bound the inner raw edge of each with some leftover denim binding. Simple & easy!

Backed in Moon Phase

I love to bind my pillows, but you can finish your pillow top however you prefer. For this one I used more leftovers, this time from the Easy Tote bags I made and shared last week. I know this binding will hold up well, it's heavy weigt feels extra sturdy. After this first time trying it for binding, I do recommend cutting the strips at a larger width than the standard  2.5". I think just a half inch would have made a big difference and would have been much easier to attach. Just something to keep in mind! The bound edges of the pillows I make seem to show the most wear overtime, so I know I'll be reaching for more of this heavy weight denim when it comes time to bind the pillows to surely come!

Bound in Crosshatch Textured Denim

I hope you enjoyed this first Nightfall Parade project! I'll be back tomorrow with the tutorial, thanks for visiting friends!  ♡ Maureen


* You can find the list of online retailers currently carrying Nightfall under my SHOP my Fabrics page ----->

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Little Log Cabins : :

Today I want to share a glimpse of one of the new Nightfall projects I'm working on made up of the cutest little quick quilt as you log cabins!

Mini Moon Log Cabins

While this project isn't turning out exactly as I had envisioned, I'm still loving it. So much so that I'm taking careful time to photograph each step along the way for a tutorial. Here's a peek!

Log Cabin Supplies

Log Cabin QAYG

Trimming Log Cabins

Sixteen mini blocks will be turned into a large Moon & Stars Pillow that I'll share finished during next week's Nightfall Parade!

Nightfall QAYG Pillow

I hope you'll follow along! ♡ Maureen  

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A Night Sky Easy Tote : :

Clouded Horizon Easy Tote

Confession: I've become a little consumed with making these bags. I've already made SIX since Thursday! If you've been following long you'll know it's not in my nature to make the same thing twice, so this is quite an achievement for me! So far I've only photographed two, the first one I blogged at the end of last week and this one for today. The others I'll hold off on sharing one day during the Nightfall Parade I'm planning. I think whomever wins the BIG Giveaway I'm scheming for the finale will receive their prize in one of these handy Nightfall Easy Totes. I just love em'! And, making them apparently!

These are the fabric pairings I had set aside for my first three Easy Totes!

For Easy Tote Bag Making

Today's tote features one color from AGF's new line of Crosshatch Textured Denims in Clouded Horizon for the main bag fabric, a Solid Smooth Denim in Wicked Sky for the handles & inner pocket, and it's lined with my very own Moon Stories in Ash print from Nightfall! I love the night-sky theme of this fabric combination!

Crosshatch Textured Denim & Nightfall Easy Tote

Lined with Moon Stories

The lining is my favorite part of this one! I think it's just a really fun match to the classic look of the bag exterior, and I love the combination of colors. The quilting cotton adds a little softness to the very structured, heavier weight of the Crosshatch Textured Denim, and I love that!

Denim & Moon Stories

To make and attach the handles and to assemble the rest of the bag I used an Aurifil 50wt from my Bohemian Garden thread set in Medium Juniper and it's nearly invisible. It makes for such a beautiful finish!

Invisible Aurifil

Clouded Horizon Crosshatch Textured

I'm going to keep working away on my Nightfall Parade plans this afternoon! I'm putting together some new tutorials to go along with the projects I'm making, so we can sew with Nightfall together. I can't wait to show you!

♡ Maureen